Summary of the Certificate for

Minister in Training

Holistic Preparation for Ordination to Christian Ministry


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Part of the NYDS Faculty: Prof. Craft, Dr. DeLoatch, Prof. Miranda, Prof. Monroy, Prof. Harding, Dr. Pickett, Prof. Sigward, Prof. Teabout, Prof. Taylor, Dr. de Vries

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Bible-based: Content, Understanding, and Application                                                      8 Units

o   Biblical Hermeneutics                                               B31                          2

o   Survey of the New Testament I and II                       B51 and B52           4

o   Survey of Old Testament I or II                                 B41 or B42               2


Christ-centered: Worldview/Theology, Conduct and Cogency                                             8 Units

o   Apologetics I                                                             C41                               2

o   Biblical Ethics—Personal or Organizational            C21 or C22                   2

o   Theology                                                                    C31 or C32                  2

o   The Gospel and the World Religions                         C41                               2


Spirit-led: Personal Growth, Ministry Skills and Community Leadership                         8 Units

o   Chaplaincy I                                                              S77                               2

o   Leadership Ministry and Coaching *                         S29                              2

o   Preparation of Biblical Messages*                            S11                              2

o   Spiritual Formation for Leaders*                              S21                              2

* These marked courses have internship aspects, involving appropriate active ministry, in addition to study and writing.


Electives: Selected Courses according to each Student’s Calling and Interests                 6 Units

Elective courses can include studies of the student’s own denomination’s heritage, practice and doctrine.



TOTAL Master’s-Level Units                                                                                                         30 Units

              PLEASE NOTE: previously taken NYDS courses are eligible.  In addition, transfers from approved institutions are welcomed. 

Every academic “Unit” is 12 contact hours in class plus 24 hours of study, research, writing, reflection, and application outside of class.  Most courses are 2-units—so courses typically meet for 24 contact hours in class and engage 48 hours of study, research, writing, reflection, and application outside of class. 



College-level M.I.T. alternative: Men and women may take the 16 courses in the Capstone Curriculum of the New York Urban Ministry Institute ( plus two NYDS courses: “Chaplaincy” and “Biblical Ethics.”  The 16 Capstone courses are acknowledged for 28 college credits at several accredited colleges.  Combined with the two NYDS classes, men and women receive 32 units of excellent ministry and leadership training on the college level.  As a “Bible Institute in a box,” NYUMI can offer classes anywhere.




MIT is your “5A” program of Master’s-level training in leadership and ministry

ü  Accessible = locations to serve you throughout the NYC metro area

ü  Affordable = at $165 per Unit, tuition for the entire MIT Program is under $5,000

ü  Applied = fruitfully ‘commence’ what you learn immediately after every class

ü  Acute = gain incisive learning skills to empower you for all of life and service

ü  Apologetic = become equipped to represent the Lord with cogency, clarity and conviction




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